Quite understandably, confidentiality is a top priority in our business.

We are fully aware of potential security issues. To minimize risks, we implemented a multistep confidentiality policy.

Strict confidentiality rules

Not only are we painstakingly careful in selecting our linguists and team members but anyone joining our team must abide by our confidentiality rules. This includes signing a NDA with each of our linguists prior to our first assignment and handing out our Document Management and Technology Use Policy. This document specifies our document management standards to prevent sensitive information from unintentional disclosure.

We are, of course, prepared to sign a NDA with you prior to your first job with us.

IT security and safe storage of sensitive data

Lexpertis is keenly aware of the IT security and confidentiality issues of the modern age. To avoid breaches, we take strict measures – both hardware, software-based - to ensure the security of confidential documents.

Our security plan extends to the following areas:


Firewalls and comprehensive anti-virus software installed and monitored

Sensitive data stored only on local computers to avoid third party issues

Local backup


Staff and translators are expected to use legal software only

All internet activity is linked to password protected access

Lexpertis uses state of the art translation technology software

Technology use policy

Members of staff regularly receive information and updates on the secure use of technology, incl. the use of public Wi-Fi hotspots, safe storage, backup, attachments, etc.

Document handling is also part of our technology use policy.

Lexpertis enforces strict document-handling rules to avoid inadvertent disclosure of client data as well as metadata.

Document versions and attachments are also monitored.

Lexpertis executes a confidentiality agreement with each translator prior to the first job.

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