Translation is a time-consuming process. Turnaround time depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the text (whether it is a general content or a complex material requiring thorough professional background), the length of the documents and last but not least the daily work capacity of the linguist selected for the job.

In an ideal world, the time required for a perfect translation job would include a balanced 8-hour workday with leisurely coffee breaks and free weekends. Reality, however, is quite different. In our fast-paced world, tight deadlines and huge workloads are the norm. We are intent on working around your schedule so that you need not worry about receiving your translations in time.

Standard deadlines

Standard deadlines indicated in our quotes let you know the optimum time required to deliver your translation.

Urgent deadlines

Considering the many variables (e.g. time available for the job, specific quality requirements, etc.), our standard quote does not contain an estimation for urgent delivery.

If you are unhappy with the standard deadlines in our quote, let us know by when you need the translation to be delivered. We will set up a team to complete the job and perform the necessary quality assurance procedures in time. Once our plan is in place, we’ll give you an updated quote for the costs. Upon your approval of the budget, we’ll start work immediately.

Guaranteed deadlines

You will find firm deadlines in our quotes. You can count on us to deliver your translations by these deadlines if you place your order within 12 hours (i.e. the same day) of receiving our quote.

If you place your order or make payments on a later date, we will simply adjust deadlines accordingly and notify you in writing about the new dates.

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