Specialisation in various domains is essential to provide quality translation services. While our focus is on first-class legal translations, we have extensive experience in interdisciplinary fields.

Business Translations

In today’s global world, making your content available in multiple languages is a must. Our business language services are designed to meet the requirements of the fast-paced and ever-increasing demands of global businesses. We work with a team of highly trained linguists and have extensive experience and skills in the business and financial fields.

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Technical Translations

Texts with technical jargon require a translator with specific skills and professional background. The translator needs to be familiar with the field the text refers to as well as the relevant terminology – and to keep consistent terminology throughout the translation.

We use CAT tools extensively to save you time and money and ensure consistent quality throughout your technical translation projects.

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Scientific Translations

Scientific translations present quite a challenge to linguists. Translators of this domain need outstanding skills in both source and target language and in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Without science, we would be lost. Scientific translation is a vast domain that expands incessantly.

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Website Translations

Communication is key to build trust and succeed in the global marketplace. To expand your market reach, you need to speak the language of your customers. A large audience comes from non-English speaking countries. A multilingual website is a must to launch your business in new markets and gain trust of potential customers.

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