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To make sure you get the best price and value, we will analyse your files before giving a quote.

Analysis includes a number of factors to be taken into account, such as:

  • language combinations and topics;
  • volume and format of source texts;
  • delivery dates.

Wherever possible, we use CAT tools to further cut costs and save time.


Modern technology gives us tools to manage your translation projects very efficiently. That means we can GUARANTEE sizeable discounts for returning clients.

Why send your files to us

Translators and agencies use various tools to manage translations. Most of these are costly software that require skills and experience to use efficiently. (Think of the design software architects use. Unless you are an architect, you are unlikely to buy and learn them.)

We use these to analyse your files, compare them to your previous translation orders, see if there are similarities, key terms, etc. We can also extract numbers from the final word count, thus reducing your costs.

Once the analysis is complete, more often than not it turns out there is a lot less content to be translated than what your Office Suite would suggest.

Your privacy is, of course, granted under any circumstances.

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