Quality assurance

Lexpertis selects linguists with utmost care. Certificates of qualifications and demonstrated language skills are a bare minimum for consideration. Various other qualities, both personal and professional, such as reliability and an acute awareness for IT security are also taken into account before hiring a new team member. A number of common industry quality assessment techniques are also employed in the evaluation process.

Linguist Evaluation Process

As part of its Quality Assurance Policy, Lexpertis performs a Linguist Evaluation Process to assess the candidate’s skills and monitor future progress. Key elements of the initial assessment – executed upon completion of the first assignment (a test translation) – include the following criteria:

  • Language skills
  • Field-specific knowledge
  • Marketability.

Language Quality per assignment

To ensure maximum translation accuracy and consistency, Lexpertis developed and enforces a standardized LQA process that checks multiple translation elements.

The process enables us to get an objective overview on the quality of any translation under scrutiny. There are five error categories to help identify translation errors and four levels of severity to promote an objective evaluation.

Error categories

There are five main types of errors to be identified: accuracy, grammar, terminology, style, equivalence.


The severity of the errors in a translation may fall into one of the following categories: critical, major, minor, stylistic suggestions.


There are a number of methods to assess the quality of a translation. A comprehensive, in-depth scrutiny of the complete translation is, however, often unnecessary and, above all, generates unjustified extra costs.

To keep matters reasonable, Lexpertis normally selects a 10,000 character (1500 words) long excerpt from the translation for thorough revision. Once the proofreader has submitted the revised text and the proofreader’s notes, a summary of all detected errors has been completed.

Based on the amount of errors in each level of severity, a fair and impartial evaluation of the translation may be made.

Client feedback

All client feedback is considered a valuable source of information regarding the quality of our services and they are treated as such.

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