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The accurate translation of legal documents is only part of the job. Providing you with a complex service is what really makes a difference. Lexpertis’ translation options are designed to give you a smooth translation process and spare you a lot of headaches.


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Industry expertise

We know the translation industry inside out

With 10+ years in the translation industry, we have a thorough understanding of the translation service business both as customers and service providers. This includes an extensive knowledge of advanced CAT tools, awareness of data security risks and development of customized quality assessment and assurance processes. We put our experience to work for you, delivering the most accurate and best value translation service available.

In-house review

Our standard translation service includes translation performed by a language specialist and reviewed by another linguist. This is a vital part of our quality assurance process, to spot minor errors (i.e. spelling mistakes and formatting errors) that may have escaped the attention of the translator.

Consistency check

Lawyer-linguists, by definition, are meticulous and observant. They may notice inconsistencies in the source document while working on the translation. Should that happen, they will take a note of such instance and attach it to the translation in a separate document.

Inconsistencies may include:

  • non-uniform use of terminology,
  • missing words,
  • potentially contradictory provisions,
  • clauses with inconsistent numbering, etc.

The translation we deliver, of course, will follow the source document closely, ignoring the translator’s notes. Changes will be made only if you decide to revise the original text and expressly instruct us to do the same in the translation.


Each glossary is tailor-made and is a major quality assurance tool for your future translation orders. Thus, while building a glossary requires a joint effort of both client and agency, it is well worth it.

Personalized glossaries are especially useful if you have a substantial number of similar documents to be translated. Examples include bank financing documentations, websites, product descriptions, etc.

Version management

If you are pressed for time, let us know and we will work around your schedule. To save time, we can start the translation of your draft while you are working on your reviews. By the time you have finished with your final draft, we will have made significant progress with the translation of the previous version. Once you have sent us your final version, we’ll insert your amendments into the translation.

Quality guarantee

# Quality Assurance.

To ensure maximum translation accuracy and consistency, Lexpertis developed and enforces a standardized LQA process that checks multiple translation elements. The process enables us to get an objective overview on the quality of any translation under scrutiny..

# Test Translations

We are quite unconvinced about the practical use of test translations. When you have a large translation project, however, we do recommend a first-off translation evaluation. You are welcome to “sample” our work early on in the project, review and approve style and quality. This work method also provides an excellent opportunity to make slight changes to the style guide (or create one if necessary).

Despite all our efforts, we might overlook a mistake or two in a translation. Should you be the one to find an error in the translation, please let us know. We will do everything in our power to make revisions as soon as possible.

Our standard warranty period is 3 working days. With most of our service packages, however, we offer an extended warranty period of 30 calendar days.


TSEO-friendly translation of your website is a service you can request to make your website attractive to search engines as well. We can work with keywords specified in the source language or you can consult our SEO expert for suggestions both in the source and the target languages.

24/7 availability

With major projects no amount of careful planning can prevent setbacks: last minute changes, amendments to contracts, new information to include in the source text – there is no end to the hiccups that may occur. These will inevitably influence the translation process and delivery times. And this is when you need us to be around to assist you, swiftly and flexibly. We promise to stand by the project until the very end.

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